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Chairman’s Address

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary ofthe founding of New China, Shenzhen Capital Group welcomed the 20th anniversaryof the establishment of the company. In the past 20 years, we have experiencedthe whole process of China's venture capital from the seed to the blossoming,from exploration in the darkness to the flourishing development of theindustry, from the niche market to the eye-catching market. We also experiencedthe history of Shenzhen Capital Group fromthe establishment with 700 millioncapital to an industry leader in charge of more than 340 billion capital. Inthe past 20 years, we have taken the mission of “discovering and cultivatinggreat enterprises”, and have been progressing in exploration and developing ininnovation, embarking on a road of development of venture capital with Chinesecharacteristics, and obtainedoutstandingachievements and harvested plentiful praises. 

The achievements of the 20-year developmentof Shenzhen Capital Group is inseparable from the era opportunities of goldendevelopment of China's reform and opening up, inseparable from the trust andsupport of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, theMunicipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission andvarious shareholder units,  inseparable from the persistence and accompanyingofthe LPs, inseparable from the joint efforts of portfoliocompanies and themutual support of partners from allfields. In this regard, Shenzhen CapitalGroup is deeply grateful. 

At present, we are in the period ofimportant opportunities for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and inthe historical development of a new round of scientific and technologicalrevolution. We will adhere to the essence of value investment of venturecapital industry, profoundly grasp the law of industrial development, utilize theresearch to guide the investment, and strive to cultivate the backbone ofChina's new economy; we will continue to expand our network and resources, andstrive to make Shenzhen Capital Group the most unique service platformin thedomestic venture capital industry; we will look to the world, steadily andfirmly, striving to build Shenzhen Capital Group into a global top investmentgroup with venture capital as its core.